Just take it and get slim waistline. SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei

Want smooth movement? Try it now for healthy bowel movement & beautiful body from within by the power of traditional herbs.

New SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei has become more powerful!  The series sales hit over 3.7 million!* *According to the report from the manufacturer. Apr 2011-Jan 2013

Not a few women have troubles with bowel movement and cannot find any effective way to solve them.
SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei is a strong supporter for your diet, helping smooth bowel movement with not only 11 traditional herbs and concentrated Lactic Acids, but also “Profiber”, a remarkable ingredient from Sake lees.
Furthermore, the new SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei has increased the amount of aloe arborescens (*), and added live lactobacillus bifidus, peucedanum japonicum thunb, to aim especially for daily movement.

New ingredients more effective for helping daily Movement:

  • 5.5% more concentrated aloe arborescens
  • Live lactobacillus bifidus, developed in 2010.
  • Peucedanum japonicum Thunb

SECRET#1 It is mild as traditional herbs are formulated.

  • Chameleon plant
  • sicklepod
  • mulberry-leaf
  • aloe arborescens

The reason for its mildness is strictly selected herbs such as aloe arborescens, sicklepod, Chameleon plant and mulberry-leaf, which have been familiar with the Japanese since ancient times. They contain full of dietary fiber and minerals, which help regular movement every day.

SECRET#2 the power of 3000 billion Lactic Acid Bacteria concentrated in 1 g

EC-12:(3000billion/g) Ordinary yogurt:(about 0.1 billion/g)

Formulated “Concentrated Lactic Acid EC-12”, chosen from various kinds of Lactic acid bacteria.
It contains as many as 3000 billion lactic acid in 1 g, while ordinary yogurt contains only about 0.1 billion lactic acid bacteria in 1g. It supports healthy body condition as a huge amount of lactic acid bacteria can easily be taken at a time.

SECRET#3 Profiber (fermented rice) helps smooth movement.SECRET#3 Profiber (fermented rice) helps smooth movement.

Profiber is a concentrated ingredient containing abundant dietary fiber and “resistant protein”, made by fermenting Sake Lees with yeasts twice. It supports not only bowel movement but beautifying body from within!

SECRET#4 Take it just once a day and you will have daily movement.<br>It is so easy that you can continue it without any stress.

It will be hard to keep such diet, even if it may be effective, as that you need take many tablets several times a day.
SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei is made to be taken just once a day, any time you like. This is why you can continue the intake without any difficulty.

All you need to do is to take 4 tablets once a day, which is easy to introduce to your daily routine in your busy life. The small and smell-less tablet is easy to take.

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