If you are plump, try “Bacteria Diet” with Smart Bacteria.

Plump people tend to keep waste matter in colon.
There is a strong connection between being plump and having constipation, and staying plump may cause a negative spiral, resulting in undesirable bodyline and rough skin, etc.

*According to a Joint-research by a fashion magazine “InRed” and Ajinomoto Co., Inc., conducted in July 2014, covering 20s-40s females.

Recommended for those who: do not have daily movement. do not succeed in any diet for slimming are putting on weight even though eating the same as before cannot control appetite. Have a plumper body shape than in their younger days

For more beautiful, slimmer body!

Get beautiful body line by taking SVELTY Smart Bacteria! SVELTY Smart Bacteria includes 25different bacteria including an original blend of “Smart Bacteria®”.

3 Strong Points for slimming

Strong Point #1 Smart Lactic Acid Bacteria® + Catechin

Catechin is contained in traditional herbs, and is said to reduce waste matter.
By adding Smart Lactic Acids to catechin, it enhances its function for slimming.
*Smart Lactic Acid Bacteria is a patented trademark of Maruzen Phermaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Strong Point #2 Patented Lactobacillus Bifidus “B3 Bacteria”

It is said that the difference between a plump person and a slim person is that they have different balances of bacteria in gut. Researches in recent years found out B3 Bacteria, a special bifidus bacillus effective for sliming. Now, a major milk product manufacturer has found out B-3 Bacteria (B-3 R) among numerous kinds of bacteria successfully, and obtained its usage permission in their products.

Strong Point #3 130 billion concentrated Lactic acid bacteria in a daily dose.

To deliver enough amount of bacteria every day, the same amount of lactic acid as that in 13 servings of yogurt is concentrated into a single dose.

EC-12 Bacteria formulated in Smart Bacteria: Equivalent to 13 servings of yogurt!

Reinforces bacteria’s power. Traditional herbs & Fat-burning ingredients formulated. Traditional herbs/ Fat-burning ingredients

Traditional herbs

Fat-burning ingredients

  • SVELTY Pakkun Yeast
  • SVELTY Smart Bacteria Drink Miscellaneous Grain Diet
  • SVELTY Smart Bacteria
  • SVELTY Black Ginger
  • SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei
  • SVELTY Raw Enzyme & Yeast Premium
  • SVELTY Nonde Cho Kirei TEA
  • SVELTY Shake de Diet
  • SVELTY Nonde Cho Rose