Aromatic fragrance supplement SVELTY Nonde Cho Rose

Refresh yourself with rose fragrance: Aromatic fragrance supplement

Legend of diet SVELTY SVELTY series sales hit over 3.7 million! (According to a report from the manufacturer, from Apr. 2011 to Jan. 2013)

Having featured on popular women's magazines many times. Syukanjosei Bea's-Up Joseiseven Joseijishin

“This supplement is what we have been waiting for!” The number of repeat customers is increasing rapidly. What's SVELTY Nonde Cho Rose?

4 key ingredients are formulated!

Luxurious  oil #1 “Rose Oil”

Blended 40 mg of Rose Oil which has faint fragrance of rose. In addition,
extremely rare aromatic “Bulgarian Rose (Damasks Rose) “ is also contained.

Luxurious  oil #2 “Evening Primrose Oil”

Extracted from seeds of evening primrose.
Contains abundant γ-linolenic acid, one of the Essential Fatty Acid, that can only be consumed through meals, supports good health.

Luxurious  oil #3 “Linseed oil”

Extracted from seeds of Linseed, known commonly in Europe for over 2000 years.
Contains abundant α-linolenic acid, one of Essential Fatty Acids which is getting attention by media in recent years as a health supporting ingredient.

Luxurious  oil #4 “Olive Oil”

It includes orcein acid, β carotene, and polyphenol, well-known as oil for beauty.

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