For those who really want to lose weight seriously this time: SVELTY SHAKE de Diet “Shake, shake”  Diet with shakes.

Only ¥248 a day! SVELTY Shake de Diet

Replacement diet doesn't seem to taste good. I'm afraid of ending up eating between meals, getting hungry. Diet meal is usually too tasteless to continue. If you agree with these comments, why don't you try our Replacement Diet?

“Replacement Diet” is:

Replacing usual meal with something to reduce total calories, resulting in losing weight.

Only &yen248 a day! SVELTY Shake de Diet

Strong Point #1 Less than 190 kcal per meal.(*1)

As you get older, your metabolism will be depressed. (*2)
Daily metabolism in 30's-40's and that in 50's -60's are 40 kcal / 100 kcal lower than that in 20s respectively.
Replacing usual meal with SVELTY Shake de Diet (less than 190 kcal/pack) will support controlling calorie intake.

Consumed calorie  > Intake of calorie = Weight Loss

*1 in case of mixing milk (200 ml: about 140kcal) and a pack of SVELTY Shake de Diet ( about 20 kcal)
*2 The 6th revised edition of Nutritional Requirement of the Japanese, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Strong Point #2 Contains balanced nutrition and beauty ingredients.

  • 11 Vitamins in recommended quantity per day:

    It contains well-balanced 11 Vitamins in recommended quantity per day.

  • As much dietary Fiber as that in 2 heads of lettuce:

    It is difficult to take enough amount of dietary fiber through meals, but SVELTY Shake de Diet contains as much dietary fiber as 2 heads of lettuce*.

  • Royal Jelly:

    Includes high-protein and various nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

※ Reference: Chapter 2, The fifth edition of the Japanese Standard Tables of Food Composition, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Generous amounts of other beauty ingredients!Folic acid Collagen Hyaluronic acid L-carnitine

Strong Point #3 Prepared 6 different tastes to continue the shake diet with no boredom.

Chocolat Strawberry Peach x PineappleMatcha green tea Mango Apple

※The photos are sample images decorated with fresh fruits.

Strong Point #4 It is easy to make Shake de Diet.

  • 1.

    Pour 150-200 ml of Milk into the shaker of SVELTY.

  • 2.

    Add a pack of SVELTY Shake de Diet into the Shaker.

  • 3.

    Close the lid tightly, and shake it for 30 seconds!

  • 4.

    Stir it with a spoon until it becomes thick. Enjoy!

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