Burn fat from the morning! Fat-burning supplement to improve metabolisms

Trendy food: Black Ginger

It contains minerals, amino acids and polyphenols abundantly, having more powerful functions than ordinary ginger.

  • Don't you have the problems such as: not succeeding in losing weight/having cold hands and feet./constipation or irregular movement/sensitive to cold  If more than 2 among above apply to you, please try SVELTY Black Ginger by all means!

Black ginger is one of the hottest topic in popular magazines for women such as GLITTER, Joseiseven and BODY +!

23 Oct Issue of Joseiseven,November Issue of GLITTER,June Issue of BODY +

Strictly selected black ginger in the lead,There are 5 sources of  “Black Powers”

BLACK POWER #1 Black Ginger 150mg

A member of ginger family.

BLACK POWER #2 Black Garlic

Fermented garlic which contains 10 times more the amount of polyphenols than fresh garlic.

BLACK POWER #3 Black Onion

Fermented Onion, having more than 30 times more power than fresh onion.

BLACK POWER #4 Black Pepper

Enhances black power. An spicy ingredient extracted from refined black peppercorn.

BLACK POWER #5 Black Moromi

ermented ingredient made from rice and malt, which are extracted through the fermentation process of black vinegar.

  • Other fat-burning ingredients  Long pepper/capsaicin/Garcinia/Caffeine/L-carnitine
  • Ingredients for healthy movement  Aloe arborescens/Candle Bush/Senna
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